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MAXXD Steel Open Deck 40GN Flatbed Deck Over Trailer MXD1014

MAXXD Steel Open Deck 40GN Flatbed Deck Over Trailer MXD1014

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Straight Deck With Hydraulic Tilt Details

  • 25,990 lb GVWR
  • 2-5/16” RD GN Coupler 30k
  • (2) 10K Drop Leg Jacks
  • (2) 10K Axles w/ electric brakes
  • 12” x 19lb I-Beam Frame
  • Low Pro Pierced Beam
  • Torque Tube 6” Sch 40 Under mount bridge
  • 3” Channel Supports on 16” Center cross members
  • Tandem Axles
  • Grey or Black Powder Coated Finish
  • Tongue & Groove Flooring
  • Flush Mount LED Lights Mounted Down and Underneath.
  • 12’ Hydraulic Dove Tail
  • Exterior Rub Rail & Pockets
  • Sliding Winch Track Mounted Flush with Trailer Side Channel, Both Sides Allow for Strapping to Center.
  • Ten(10) Sliding Winches each Side w/ Winch Straps 30ft x 3” w/ Chain & Hook
  • Custom Installed Center Floor Plate with Double D-Rings for Center Tie Down Security.
  • DOT Certified 

40ft LOOK ROLL TOP System

  • Aerodynamic Nose Cone on Front
  • Fully Integrated Bulkhead with Aerodynamic Vertical Molded Sides and Molded Top
  • Rolling Tarp System Specifications
  • 40ft Gooseneck Deck Over Trailer
  • 108” Width (Legal)
  • 90”-100” System Height, Deck to top of Uplift bows. Loads Max HT is 80”
  • Two-way directional slide
  • Accordions in 8ft+9” BH on deck.
  • The system will pull or push open to the front or rear after the rear tension is released.
  • Aluminum Bulkhead
  • Aluminum Flat with chamfered aerodynamic corners.
  • Bolted flush to inside of Gooseneck
  • Sits on deck 9”
  • Ground level operated, interior front paddle locks.

the LOOK 5 Panel & Frame System

Aluminum extruded Modular frame system with the tarp securement interior of the extrusion walls making it the only system that provides greater interior loading width.

Two-part interior square cast corner allowing installation or replacement of the modular tarpaulin to be faster than any other system, “Guaranteed”. Corner provides greater inside loading capabilities for high cube loads.

  • 23” wide modular front & rear car frame allowing the system to travel in both directions.
  • Four (4) 10” wide modular intermediate car frames.
  • V-Shaped Metal wheels with sealed bearings.
  • Aluminum Extruded Track
  • Split at tilt deck allowing full operation of both system and trailer ramp.
  • 6-1/4” track with Stainless steel track insert for metal wheels to roll on.
  • Mounts flush with top of trailer deck
  • Rubber seal on back for exterior stake pockets.
  • Rear Lock & Tensioning

Loc’ N-Load Is attached to lower rear car frame and is responsible for applying the correct mechanical tension required to lock and hold the tarp system in its travel position.

Operated with Hand Crank Handle.

Tarp Up-lifting System

Double hinge connected up-lifting arms provide vertical upward tension to the tarpaulin while eliminating corner wear because of its elliptical corner radius.

Tarpaulin is lifted and out of the way allowing greater clearance when the system is being accordion to either front or rear.

Crank roll up flap with a convenient ground level operating crank that stores under the track on the curb side.

Over-center Velcro Side Wing flap closure.

QUAD Uplifting Bows -INCLUDED to minimize downward tarp pleating in roof and provide additional side wind load support to tarp panels.

  • Tarpaulin & Rear Flap
  • Fully modular, (individual panel system).
  • 5 panel system on 40ft Trailer
  • Constructed from 20oz PVC High Tension fabric with an exterior urethane gloss coating.
  • Quick & Easy panel replacement due to frame design.
  • Crank Up Flap

6 Units Available Immediately

4 – Never Used in Brand New Condition
2 - Very Low Milage (approximately 1200 Miles) 

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