Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Ask Questions

How do I purchase Purecold coolers and freezers?

You may simply checkout on our site by adding the items to your cart. You will not be charged, you will then get contacted by our staff to schedule delivery and payment.

Do Purecold Units require drains?

No! Purecold's self-contained refrigeration system doesn't require a drain or pump with the self-evaporating condensation tray.

How long until I receive my order?

You can expect to receive your order of Purecold Commercial Coolers and Freezers within 2-4 weeks of confirmation of payment.

What are the electrical requirements?

208V-1P 4-Wire (2 hots,1 Neutral, 1 Ground)

PureCold Inspiration & Icon Coolers

  • NEMA L14-20P, 4-wire LOCKING plug
  • 16’ cord
  • Fusible disconnect with 10-amp fuses.
  • Receptacle should be installed 84’ AFF.

PureCold Icon Freezers

  • NEMA L14-30R, 4-wire LOCKING plug
  • 16’ cord
  • Fusible disconnect with 20-amp fuses.
  • Receptacle should be installed 84’ AFF.

How do you get Purecold inside my store?

The way Purecold is manufactured, we require you have an opening at least 40"x80" to fit the fully assembled case inside your store.

Because Purecold is included with casters, we simply roll the fixtures inside your door. No J-bars needed!

Can I join multiple Purecold cases together to make one long cooler or freezer?

Yes! Purecold cases are made to be combined to make any length requirements you need. The largest length of cases we have built is 128 foot.

Do you offer complete unload and installation?

We will soon be offering in house delivery along with unloading the cases with the option for installation. (additional charge required).

Until then, we recommend a rollback for offload, like in the video seen here.

What is the warranty offered?

Purecold warranty covers 12 months on parts from the date of delivery.

What's R448A refrigerant?

R448A is an azeotropic mixture, which is classified as a non-flammable replacement refrigerant with a low GWP value. It was designed to serve as a replacement forR404A (andR22) in low and medium temperature systems, such as refrigeration solutions in supermarkets and convenience stores.

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