Collection: Open-Air Coolers

Present a enticing display of chilled items with the Open-Air Purecold Inspiration. This self-contained cooler features bright LED lighting, adjustable shelves, and a price ticket rail, making it perfect for presenting bottled beverages, dairy items, produce, and fresh meat. With its plug-and-play design and certified suitability for various products, it encourages quick, on-the-go purchases. Available in different lengths, this open air merchandiser is a reliable and efficient solution for commercial refrigeration.

The Grab and Go Solution

Discover the convenience of our grab and go options. Keep your food fresh and ready to enjoy.


Business Advantage

Customer Satisfaction: With products prominently displayed and easily accessible, customers can make quicker purchasing decisions, leading to improved satisfaction and higher sales.

Time Efficiency: Customers can swiftly pick up pre-packaged items, saving time during their shopping experience. This is especially crucial for individuals with busy schedules.

Merchandising Impact: Commercial Grab and Go Refrigerators offer an attractive display for your products, enticing customers with visually appealing arrangements.

Revenue Boost: The seamless self-service nature of these refrigerators can lead to increased sales and impulse purchases, contributing to higher revenue for your business.

Operational Excellence

Product Placement Strategy: Strategically place high-demand and frequently purchased items within easy reach. Keep the product assortment fresh and varied to cater to diverse customer preferences.

Temperature Control: Purecold offers precise temperature control and uniform cooling, ensuring the quality and safety of your products.

Restocking Efficiency: Design your layout to facilitate quick and organized restocking. Regularly monitor inventory levels and adjust restocking schedules accordingly.

Maintenance and Hygiene: Establish a routine maintenance schedule to ensure cleanliness and well-maintained. A clean and organized display enhances customer trust.

8 foot low profile open-air cooler inside the Minster, Ohio IGA stocked with deli items


Purecold Grab and Go

Evaluate Your Product Line: Identify the items in your inventory that are suitable for the grab and go concept. Pre-packaged foods, beverages, and snacks are common candidates.

Selecting the Right Grab & Go: Purecold offers industry leading size, temperature range, energy efficiency, and ease of use when compared to other industry models.

Design and Layout: Incorporate Purecold seamlessly into your store layout. Ensure they are strategically placed in high-traffic areas for maximum visibility and accessibility.

At Pro Green Technologies, we offer a range of grab and go solutions that are designed to be energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and easy to use. Our products are made with high-quality materials and are built to last, so you can be sure you're getting the best possible value for your investment. Don't forget to check out our FAQ page for quick and concise answers to your questions

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