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Unlock Your Business Potential with Flexible Commercial Refrigeration Financing

With funding up to $250k and 24 to 72-month terms. We only do a soft credit pull, so there is no impact on your credit. Our process is fast and easy. Once the simple application process is complete, your business can be approved and funded as fast as the same business day.


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Unlock Your Business Potential with Flexible Commercial Refrigeration Financing

When it comes to financing commercial coolers and freezers, there are several options available to businesses. Many companies offer financing and leasing programs specifically tailored to the needs of those in the commercial refrigeration industry.

Competitive Advantage

Financing commercial coolers and freezers can offer businesses the flexibility to acquire the necessary equipment while preserving capital and managing cash flow effectively. By exploring the various financing options available, businesses can find a solution that best suits their needs and budget. Get a leg up on the competition by trading outdated refrigeration for the upgraded refrigeration technologies of Purecold.

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100% Financing & Low Monthly Payments

Financing typically involves making fixed monthly payments over the lease term, which can help with budgeting and cash flow management. With low monthly payments, finance the entire cost of the equipment, including delivery charges, taxes, installation, and training costs.

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Tax Advantages

There may be potential tax advantages associated with equipment financing. However, it's important to consult with a tax advisor for specific details. With the potential revenue generated from the equipment, it can essentially pay for itself over the course of the financing term.

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Preserve Your Cash Flow

Financing allows businesses to preserve their capital for other important expenditures, rather than making a large upfront payment for the equipmen. Keep existing capital and lines of credit available for other needs that have a higher return on equity, such as business expansions and new product developments.

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