Case Shipping Information

When shipping our refrigeration cases, it is important that we take certain precautions to ensure that the cases arrive at their destination in good condition. Here are some of the many precautions we take when shipping our PureCold and Novum cases:

  1. We work with reputable shipping companies that have experience in shipping refrigeration cases. They have the necessary equipment and expertise to handle our types of shipments.
  2. We make sure the refrigeration cases are properly loaded, packaged, secured and bracketed for transport. 
  3. We thoroughly secure all loose parts, such as shelves and drawers, to prevent them from shifting during transport.
  4. We label the refrigeration cases clearly with the contents and any special handling instructions. This will help ensure that the cases are handled properly during shipping.
  5. We ask that you inspect the refrigeration cases upon delivery to ensure that they are in good condition. 

By following our precautions, we can ensure that your refrigeration cases arrive at their destination in good condition and ready for use right away.


How to Rollback and Offload Purecold Commercial Coolers and Freezers.

In this video, we showcase the expertise of our team at Professional HVACR as they offload Purecold commercial coolers and freezers from a semi to a flatbed, and then transport them to a grocery store. Join us as we take you through the step-by-step process of transporting these high-quality refrigeration units.

Our team demonstrates the proper techniques for rolling back and offloading these heavy-duty refrigeration units, ensuring that they are safely and efficiently transported to their destination. Whether you're a professional in the HVACR industry or simply interested in learning more about the process, this video is a must-watch.