Open Air Purecold Coolers: The Perfect Solution for Meat Display

Open Air Purecold Coolers: The Perfect Solution for Meat Display

The Perfect Solution for Open-Air Meat or Deli Display

When it comes to displaying meat in a retail setting, the Open Air Purecold Inspiration coolers are a game-changer. These coolers are designed to provide an enticing display of fresh meat, making it easy for customers to make quick, on-the-go purchases.

Large Packout

One of the key features of the Open Air Purecold coolers is their large packout capacity. The Purecold Inspiration 8 foot (96") open air merchandiser cooler, for instance, has a capacity of 60.96 cubic feet. This large packout allows for a wide variety of meat products to be displayed, catering to diverse customer preferences.

LED Lighting

The Purecold coolers come equipped with bright LED lighting, which enhances the visual appeal of the displayed meat. LED lights are specifically designed for commercial refrigeration units such as meat displays. They provide bright, white light that is perfect for commercial food service applications, making the cooler area well-lit for convenience.

Completely Air Cooled

The Purecold coolers are completely air cooled, which is a significant advantage for many retailers. This feature eliminates the need for pipework and drains, making the installation process simple and cost-effective. The coolers maintain temperatures between 36 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring the quality and safety of the meat products.

Energy Efficiency

The Purecold coolers are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They come standard with a night curtain, which can be lowered during off-hours to maintain temperatures more efficiently, trapping cold air inside the display area. The smaller scroll compressors allow more cooling capabilities in less space and far less energy.

Easy Maintenance

The design of the Purecold coolers ensures minimal maintenance. They feature an easy-to-clean painted steel interior and an automatic defrost. The condenser slides out for easy maintenance and service.

Strategic Placement

The placement of the Purecold coolers in your store is crucial for maximum visibility and accessibility. They should be strategically placed in high-traffic areas. However, they should be placed away from any overheating equipment or cooking appliances such as ovens and stoves, as the heat given off by these pieces of equipment will prove an extra challenge for your meat display cooler and lead it to spend excessive energy on maintaining the temperature.


The Open Air Purecold coolers offer a range of benefits for retailers looking to display meat. They are durable, attractive, and energy-efficient, making them a great unit for a range of businesses, from grocery & convenience stores to fast casual eateries. With their large packout, LED lighting, air cooling, energy efficiency, and easy maintenance, they truly represent tomorrow's refrigeration technology today.

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