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Maxload 900 with Rotoshelf® - Efficold ML-900 Beverage Cooler

Maxload 900 with Rotoshelf® - Efficold ML-900 Beverage Cooler

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Easyfill cooler tailormade for Rotoshelf® merchandizing solution.

RotoShelf is a patented solution for easy product management and improved efficiency when refilling products.

The solution, applying the First in-First out principle, works through a rotating movement.

The entire interior is rotated so that the back of all shelves are available at the same time for stocking products.
The use of gravity feed shelves makes for automatic product fronting.

Easy as One, Two, Three;
1.Rotate the section 180° – 2.Fill from the back – 3.Rotate the section back
  • Capacity: 74 bottles/shelf; 444 pcs 500ml PET bottles/six shelves
  • Incredible LED lighting
  • Cooling unit placed in the corner to give additional space inside
  • Triple interior LED light vertically arranged to maximize the product visibility.
  • Interior and exterior made of metal sheet that provide a great robustness.
  • Double glass doors mounted on an aluminum profile and handle in the front.
  • Six shelves included with EasyFill system, which allows a faster replacement and the best facing of the product.
  • Ecological injected polyurethane insulation free of CFCs, density 40kg /m³.
  • Temperature control by digital thermostat with automatic defrost.
  • Doors with self-closing system and opening fixation.
  • Four rollers and three front feet adjustable in height.
  • Uniform cold distribution thanks to the excellent design of the ventilated cooling system and its evaporator.
  • Automatic evaporation of defrost water.
  • Low-maintenance condenser.
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